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Square Circle Landscapes is a team of professional landscape designers and landscape gardeners in Cambuslang. We provide all soft and hard landscaping services in Cambuslang and surrounding areas. 

Square Circle Landscapes are fully insured to work on your property and we carry all necessary qualifications and licences. Our team are highly experienced and absolutely love all aspects of gardening and landscaping. 

Garden Makeover Cambuslang

Our main service we offer is complete garden makeovers and this is where we come to your garden and create a stunning liveable outdoor space for you and your family. 

Garden Design

We have a dedicated garden design team who will go over your ideas and functional needs, bring them all together in a cohesive solid plan which we will make into reality. Your perfect garden space which will extend your living area from your house to the outside. 

Our Landscaping Projects

See below for our latest landscaping projects, customer feedback and most importantly pictures of our work.

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    Landscaper Cambuslang

    Characteristics of a contemporary garden

    If you’re considering getting a contemporary garden for your backyard, it might help if you’ll know what characterizes a contemporary garden. As we’ve already established, contemporary gardens give you the freedom to add your taste to your garden. That being said, there are still rules of thumb to abide by when creating a contemporary garden:

    • Architectural plants

    A contemporary garden is all about forming and clean, neat shapes with natural materials. That’s why most of the plants you’ll see in a contemporary garden are subdued and conservative, the total opposite of a cottage garden or wildlife garden. Trimmed and maintained hedges, as well as potted plants, staple plants in any contemporary garden.

    There could be trees planted as well but they have to also be tamed and cut back to maintain that clean shape.

    • Natural materials

    A contemporary garden has a modern feel that doesn’t mean natural materials are ignored while creating one. Natural materials are used in creating most of the structures in a contemporary garden. Think timeless and classic materials that are durable like wood(both softwood and hardwood), stone, etc.

    • Water features

    Contemporary gardens are not over the top so don’t expect a very dramatic fountain with a marble statue right at the centre. Instead, contemporary gardens use water to further enhance the tranquil setting of the environment. The water feature tends to create sound and reflection in the garden to make the garden a perfect escape from the loudness of the world.

    • Clean, defined lines

    By clean lines, we mean everything has a place to open up the space of the garden. There isn’t any of the “wild and free” growth of vegetation as in the case of a cottage garden. A contemporary garden rather strives for elegance and tranquillity.

    • Space

    Finally, the one thing a contemporary garden is characterized by is its spaciousness and how it opens up the environment through the positioning of outdoor furniture and plants. Contemporary gardens can not be cluttered as that defeats the purpose of the garden.

    Services in Cambuslang

    As mentioned above we undertake all aspects of soft and hard landscaping that includes but not exclusive to: 

    • Paths, Patios & Paving (design & installation)
    • Driveway design & installation
    • Decking Timber & Composite
    • Artificial Grass & Turfing / Real Grass
    • Walls, Steps & Brickwork (including retaining walls & garden walls)
    • Fencing & Gates
    • Planting, planters & Soft Landscaping
    • Garden Drainage
    • Garden Lighting
    • Garden Design
    • Garden Makeovers


    If you need anything that is not on the above list please do get in touch and we will be able to help.

    Call: 07795161893