Garden Office

Is a Garden Office Worth It?

Change your garden and your life with the help of a Garden Office.
A garden house that serves as an office enables you to maximize the space in your garden while keeping a clear division between your personal and professional lives. You’ll save time, energy, and, most significantly, money if you don’t have to travel regularly.

As a leading supplier of garden structures, we can help you achieve this goal. Whatever kind of garden office you like, we have a model to suit your needs and budget.

Do Garden Offices Need Planning Permission?

As long as they don’t break any restrictions, our Garden Rooms and Cabins are considered “permitted development.” Like all of our Garden Buildings, our Garden Offices are intended to prevent breaching these rules.
Planning clearance is only required for a Garden Office if:

– Do you have a single-story home?
– Aren’t meant to be used as a permanent residence.
– Maintain a maximum eaves height of 2.5 m.
– Not to go higher than 4m (dual-pitched roof such as an apex or reverse-roof) overall or 3m (any other type of roof, like a pent)
– Don’t use more than half of your garden’s space.
– Do not extend your building beyond your house’s front wall.

Fully-Insulated Garden Office
If you want an insulated Garden Office, be sure to inquire about our premium Garden Rooms, which come equipped with built-in insulation. 
Instead of using extra insulation to keep you warm in the winter or excellent in the summer, these structures make use of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) and double-glazed windows. Shop one of our SIPs for simple, hassle-free heating and cooling solutions.

Garden Office Interior Ideas
With our vast range of customization choices, including paint colours, wall width, shelves, and even garden bars, you can create the perfect Garden Office for you. Order your favourite garden office, then go to work on the décor as soon as it comes, It couldn’t be easier!
It’s a good idea to think about how you’ll power and connect the building to the internet if you want to use it as a workplace, but following the links to our guidelines will save you time!

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    Garden Offices

    Our garden office designs have a solid wood construction made from high-quality European-sourced wood. Each garden outhouse and office we offer comes with a quality and lifetime warranty, including double doors and optional additions. So whichever garden style you have, we’re sure to have a mini garden office or a vast multiroom to fit it. Our garden structures offer a world of options, whether you’re looking for a professional garden office space or a home expansion.

    Fully-Insulated Garden Offices
    You may also want to consider investing in a contemporary garden office if you wish to enhance your life by working closer to home. There are several advantages of having a garden workstation, such as a wooden garden office or one of our SIP structures. An insulated room saves energy expenses and your carbon footprint while also helping you save on possible travel and office rental costs! 

    Solid Construction
    Each garden shed is built by expert craftsmen with the knowledge and experience required to construct durable and superior-strength garden shelters capable of withstanding even the worst weather conditions in the Scotland. Our garden offices are built with structural stability in mind, from our home office pod to our more minor variants. You may be sure that your garden construction will survive, from the foundation to the cladding and top.

    That’s why we provide a 10-year warranty against rot, deterioration, and insect infestation on all of our garden offices (15-years for pressure-treated models). Our garden office structures are made from high-quality European wood and are finished with durable, weather-resistant tongue and groove cladding. You may have your garden office pressure treated in addition to a variety of other choices, such as cabin size and window glass. This will help your garden room last longer by reducing the need for wood treatment and upkeep.

    A Flexible Space
    We believe our sheds can be whatever you want them to be, whether it’s a modest garden office or a massive garden office with many pods. A good garden room may be used as a home studio for artists, an office space for freelancers, or a place to entertain visitors. By relocating your work outside of your house, you may better separate your work and personal lives and give your interests the attention and professionalism they deserve.

    Garden offices with built-in storage are also available in our collection, giving you the best of both worlds. A garden office could be the answer for you if you’re self-employed, operate a company from home, or have a creative pastime that’s taking up too much space in your home. 

    Garden Studios
    Contemporary garden offices are excellent garden structures no matter what you use them for! So, if all you desire is peace and a clear mind, the airy space provided by our modest garden rooms might be ideal. You may create your tranquil green retreat or garden studio to pursue your hobbies with the additional room provided by modern designs. Your garden cabin doesn’t have to be all about work because it’s an office!

    Office Space
    Look no further if you’re seeking the most fantastic garden office on the market. You can pick and customize your garden home office from our wide selection to make the most of your outside area. An outdoor home office enables you to make the most of your space while avoiding the hassles of commuting. On the other hand, a trendy garden office can be an excellent addition to your property.

    With an outdoor home office, you can keep your personal and professional lives distinct with a dedicated desk, all while relaxing in your garden! When it comes to gardening, we offer something for everyone. 

    Modern Garden Rooms
    Our high-quality garden offices are designed to endure a long time. That’s why we want you to make the most of your custom garden office throughout the year. As a result, we also have wholly insulated garden rooms available. You can remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer with insulated garden offices like our with a flat roof (pent roof).

    Our design team has developed an insulated garden structure like the Outpost with double glazed windows and double doors (or French doors) to maximize usage even in bad weather—features such as comprehensive. Our modern garden summer cottages can also serve as home offices, studios, theatres, or a garden gym with a bit of customization.

    A Wide Range Of Features
    You’ll have a lot of alternatives when it comes to choosing from our large selection of garden rooms. You may customize your home office to be comfortable all year, from the size of your garden office to the glass, flooring, and cladding choices. Pent roof garden offices and apex and reverse apex variants are available in various historical and modern forms.

    With so many customizable garden offices to choose from, you may personalize your garden structure much beyond its size!

    Planning Your Garden Office
    Consider how much area you’ll need for your garden room, as well as some extra for a concrete foundation. Consider how your garden will be accessed from the road and if anything will prohibit your garden office from being delivered in huge boxes. Another thing to think about is how you want to utilize your garden room. As previously said, a garden office is a multipurpose outdoor structure that can be used for several purposes; however, depending on what you’ll be doing in the space, you may need to consider alternative infrastructural solutions.
    Will you need a power supply, for example, if you want to use it as a home office? Will soundproofing be required if it’s for band practice?

    Check out our article on installing utilities in a garden building for additional information. Most garden offices and cottages should be considered ‘permitted development,’ meaning they won’t need planning approval if they aren’t used for residential reasons. If you’re going to use it for work, you’ll also need to figure out how to get internet access inside the facility.

    However, this may differ depending on your location and whether you want to operate a company outside your garden cottage. So, before you buy your garden building, we recommend that you check on these problems with your local government. 

    Our garden office designs come with a 10-year warranty against rot, decay, and insect infestation to ensure you have the most fantastic garden office possible. With so many modern garden offices available as pressure-treated versions, you may extend this warranty to 15 years by choosing this option.