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You’ll discover innovative garden storage options to fit your garden size, preferences, and budget in our variety of garden stores. Garden Buildings Direct has everything you need, whether a vast garden storage box or outdoor plastic storage.

Our garden storage solutions come in a variety of sizes and styles. For example, a storage area for outdoor furniture, pillows, home electronics, and other household items. A garden storage container can store cushions and outdoor furniture while also securing a place to keep them. To preserve your valuables from the weather, go for a wooden or plastic storage option.

A garden storage box or wooden shed is an excellent option for long-term storage of patio heaters or garden equipment, as well as a quick shelter during a storm. A storage shed is a fantastic location to keep furniture coverings and accessories when not used during the winter.

Storage Of Gardening Tools And Equipment

Garden accessories are ideal for storing in a garden storage container. Get a plastic tool shed or outside wood storage to organize your garden and allotment equipment. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re looking for a garden/tool shed or plenty of garden storage ideas. To discover a tool shed in the UK, go through our garden basics.

Maintaining a clean and neat yard is one thing, but it will almost certainly include the use of power tools, hand tools, and lawnmowers. Finding a place to keep tools is a problem in and of itself, but it’s one that a garden shop can quickly address. That is why we provide a wide choice of storage options, including wooden storage sheds, plastic storage buildings, and metal storage sheds, in various sizes and designs.

So, the next time you need to use that pressure washer, thank your lucky stars you didn’t have to break your back dragging it out of the basement cabinet. You don’t have to store your equipment in your summer cottage anymore. You won’t have to worry about your lawnmower getting wet if you park it beneath an awning that’s open to the elements. A high-quality garden storage shed may be the answer.

We have the appropriate solution for you, whether it’s a wooden garden storage shed, a plastic storage box or a metal storage shed, in various materials, sizes, and designs, including windowed and windowless alternatives.

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    Bike Storage

    If you prefer to commute by bike, you’ll almost certainly want to safeguard your gear. So, whichever kind of bike storage you need, we have it covered. Our custom bike barns are much more than simply a place to store your wood. They’re designed to keep your belongings secure while giving you many customization options.

    We recognize that buying a bike, whether a motorcycle, a moped, or a pushbike, is a significant financial investment. You’ll need some safe and appropriate bike storage to keep your bike from becoming destroyed or stolen. We also have wooden garages for individuals who wish to secure their bigger automobiles.

    We provide custom-built bike shelters that can comfortably and securely store whatever kind of bicycle transportation you desire. Our bike shelters are designed to keep your bike safe throughout the winter months and adverse weather conditions with tongue and groove or overlap styles to suit all budgets.

    Log Store

    The ideal location for storing logs is in outdoor garden storage facilities. A log store is a crucial garden storage option for any home, whether you’re storing records for the winter, for those long summer nights, or even attempting to construct your log cabin. Many of our multipurpose storage buildings will suffice. 

    Outdoor Toy Store

    If you have children or grandkids, your garden will most likely be cluttered with outdoor toys and children’s equipment, taking up valuable garden space. If you already have a children’s playhouse, you may be looking for a place of your own. Investing in an outdoor play shop is a straightforward answer.

    Trampolines, slides, balls, and motorcycles may be stored in enormous wooden shelters. Smaller toys, such as footballs, inflatable paddling pools, and frisbees may also be stored in outdoor storage bins.

    So have a look at our garden storage benches or go more significant with a garden storage box to keep your and your children’s toys!

    Bin Storage

    Are you tired of having your driveway ruined by wheelie bins? Have you had a few too many foxes digging through your trash? Consider investing in quality and aesthetically beautiful bin cabinets to keep your wheelie bins out of sight and out of mind. Wheelie bin storage is a simple method to enhance your quality of life while protecting your neighbours from wild animals. They may also be used as composter bin storage, keeping pests away from your precious garden waste. So go ahead and grab some stylish and economical garden bin storage!

    Outdoor Storage Sheds

    If you need a little additional room but don’t want to break the bank, our affordable plastic storage line provides outstanding sturdiness and weather-resistant longevity. Our plastic storage shelters, made of durable plastic vinyl and have a steel frame, provide optimum security and protection while remaining attractive.

    Our wooden garden store sheds, on the other hand, provide all of the protection that comes with strong interlocking tongue and groove panels and windowless designs in a classic, traditional style. You may make your wooden garden storage unit into a more adaptable garden shed with numerous uses with various feature choices, such as alternative flooring, stain and paint colours, and windowed versions.

    In addition, we have metal garden storage structures in a range of sizes that may also be used as workshops. Our galvanized steel storage cabinets are intended to resist rust and corrosion and need little maintenance.

    Give yourself lots of room to store and work with a new garden storage shed, which comes in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and styles. So, what do you have to lose? Allow us to assist you in finding the ideal garden shop.


    With each garden tool shed, you may choose the precise size that best fits your available area. Check out our most popular 8×6 storage shed, or use the size filters to narrow down your options. You can also select a garden tool shed and then customize the size. Make your outdoor storage container uniquely yours!


    Our vast garden storage cabinets are built to last and come with a 10-year rot, decay, and insect infestation warranty. We have overlapped garden stores for a low-cost choice with good security and weather resistance and tongue and groove garden tool sheds for added robustness. Metal garden storage and plastic tool shed solutions are also available. As a result, you’ll be able to choose a tool shed in the UK that meets your needs!

    Garden Storage Made of Wood

    You can make the most of your outside area with our garden storage options. You’ll discover long-lasting wooden garden storage in wooden garden houses with double doors constructed of high-quality hardwood. Our wooden tool shelters are the ideal storage option, including tongue and groove covering for added strength.

    Alternatively, consider our apex storage shed with no windows that overlap. While a budget-friendly garden storage container, this model provides exceptional weather protection against even the worst conditions. Check out our apex garden storage alternatives if you’re not keen on the classic storage shed design.

    Garden Storage Made from Metal

    Our metal shelters are corrosion and rust-resistant due to the galvanized steel characteristic. Check out our selection of metal garden sheds if you need some more storage. This pent metal garden storage cabinet will keep your equipment secure, or you may go through our metal garden shops for other options.

    Plastic Garden Storage

    Check out our selection of plastic tool sheds for modern styles and a simple storage solution. A plastic garden storage shed is ideal for people looking for a low-maintenance, quick answer to all of their storage problems. You can also keep your equipment secure without breaking the budget with a modest tool shed made of plastic.

    They can advise you if you’re unsure whether you want a windowless timber storage shed or metal garden storage.