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Square Circle Landscapes supply and fit garden gates Glasgow and surrounding areas this includes wooden gates, metal gates and security gates. 

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Please get in touch for a quote for us to supply and fit garden gates. Choose from a range of styles, sizes colours and designs we will help you choose what is best for your garden.

Security Gates

Houses come in all shapes and sizes and so does the need for an improved security gate installed. Whether it is for the front of your property or your side gate leading to your back garden we have many different options for you to choose from. 

All of our prices are for supply and fit so please get in touch to see what we can do for you. Please check below for past garden gates and security gates we have installed over the past few months.

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    Garden Gate Installer

    A garden to many is a sanctuary where they can unwind or bond with friends and family after a hard day’s work. It’s only natural that a place that promises such inner peace will be guarded or protected. Garden Gates aren’t just protective shields against the outside world; and they can also be visually appealing and cohesive to the entire look of your garden. That’s why garden gates are often used for decorative purposes.

    However, the gate’s functionality is still considered in the dimensions used in creating the standard gate. For example, Most standard gates fall into the range of about four to six feet high and about 36 inches wide. Wood is the most common material used in making garden gates, but it’s not the only kind of gate you’ll find.

    Types of garden gates

    Many materials can be used in making a garden gate, and your choice can be based on either taste or functionality. Although wood is the most common choice, some are becoming increasingly popular and high demand because of overall costs and low maintenance. Some types of garden gates are:

    • Wooden gates

    If you opt for a wooden gate for your garden, you should ensure that the wood defect-free and coated with a preservative that will ensure it lasts longer. A wooden gate is known for its functionality (i.e., being a protective barrier) and its decorative appeal. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so widely selected.

    Its rustic appearance makes it a great addition to any natural material fence, Like stone. Another reason that wooden gates are the first choice for many homeowners is the wide variety of wood you can choose from in making your garden gate. Installation of a wooden gate is also quite easy to do. It’s one of the most DIY-friendly options there is, and with the right measures and tools, you won’t need an expert.

    • Composite Gates

    If you’re looking for a zero to low maintenance option for your garden gate, then a vinyl and composite gate is the right way to go. They are rust-proof, durable, and are not prone to be affected by the elements. You can find vinyl or composite garden gates in most garden retail stores or markets. Most online stores also have them.

    Most homeowners stress that vinyl or composite garden gates might look Boring or completely out of place in their gardens, but that’s rarely ever the case. Vinyl or composite garden gates come in many neutral colours that can go well with just any aesthetic. Plus they won’t need painting because their colours are vibrant and beautiful.

    • Metal Garden Gate

    Metal gates are known for being highly durable. The major downside to choosing a metal gate is how expensive the initial cost is. But with time, metal gates basically pay for themselves by requiring almost zero maintenance and being able to last for a long time.

    Aluminium is a popular example. And like other metal gates, they can be shaped to create beautiful intrinsic designs, and they are very sturdy, making them ideal for protection. Another popular example of a metal gate is steel.

    • Chain link garden gate

    A chain link is not the most functional or attractive option out there for garden gates, but if your priority is demarcation, then it will get the job done. And if you’re looking to make your chain link garden gate more aesthetically pleasing, you can cover it up with vine, ivy, or any other climbing plants.

    Although chain link gates aren’t anyone’s First choice, they’re still a budget-friendly option that you can decorate to make it look more cohesive with the rest of your garden.

    • Trellis garden gate

    A trellis garden gate is the most whimsical option on the list. Any homeowner who plans on making their garden resemble something out of a fairy tale should consider the trellis garden gate. With their high arch/roof and natural appearance, they make a very beautiful entrance or exist in and out of any garden.

    The trellis garden gate is characterized by a high roof and a framed work of latticed sides. These sides are used to support the climbing plants that are used to decorate the gate.

    A major downside to this particular gate is that it’s not as durable as the other options. In fact, it’s not exactly protective either. It mostly serves decorative purposes.

    Benefits of a garden gate

    Some of the benefits of a garden gate include:


    Metal gates, for example, are great anti-theft measures for your garden.


    Garden gates can be designed to make the most cohesive decorative element in your garden.

    Finishing touches

    A garden gate adds the right kind of finishing touches to any garden. They are especially important if your garden is already fenced.