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Square Circle Landscapes is a team of landscape gardeners specialising in supply and fit fencing and fence installation in Glasgow and surrounding areas. We are fully insured and have a fantastic team of professional joiners and fencing specialists. 

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Please get in touch for a quote for supply and fit for garden fencing or if you would just like a new garden fence installation our team will keep you right from start to finish. 

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We have a range of composite fences available for supply and fit in Glasgow and surrounding areas. You can choose from a variety of colours, sizes and designs and the best thing about composite fencing is that it is low maintenance and long lasting. Get in touch for a garden composite fence in Glasgow.

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We cover Glasgow and the full west of Scotland and can provide not only fencing services but full garden design and garden makeovers. Get in touch for a quote today. 

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    Fencing Contractor Glasgow

    Fences play an important role in every home or property. It not only acts as a form of demarcation and a way to keep trespassers out of your property, but a fence can also give your home a personality.

    Fencing or erecting a fence can be done either for domestic or commercial purposes.

    Types of fences

    Fences being so multi-purpose also come in different varieties. The most common types of fences are:

    • Aluminium fences

    As far as security goes, aluminium fences don’t provide as much security as a fence should.

    However, they are very low maintenance, and they have a certain aesthetic appeal about them.

    • Wood fences

    Wood fences are the best option in terms of aesthetic appeal. They’re generally easy to afford, although prices may vary depending on the height of the fence.

    Plus, they’re also great at providing that much-desired privacy.

    • Electric fences

    Most commonly used for commercial purposes we supply and fit these fences mainly for our customers that have farms.

    • Chain link fences

    They neither provide privacy nor overall security, but they’re quite easy to afford and can be used in public buildings or businesses as a form of demarcation.

    Commercial vs domestic

    People’s reasons for installing a fence usually differ, but usually, fences installed are usually determined by the building or property that they’re being installed for.

    Ideally, commercial fences are erected to protect the building from trespassers as well as maintaining the privacy of the building within. This can be noticed by their height and usually their opaqueness. The structure of the commercial fence helps to provide privacy to the workers within.

    Domestic fences, on the other hand, are more for aesthetic purposes than actual safety reasons (except in some cases). Homeowners install the staple “white picket fence” to give their homes that extra appeal.

    Fences can also be installed in the homes as a form of pest control.

    Benefits of a Domestic / garden fence

    Domestic fences aren’t as restrictive as commercial ones. They have a role to play for the homeowners. Usually, these fences are more decorative than actually functional.

    Here are some of the benefits of a domestic fence:

    • Aesthetic reasons

    Fences are built for the practical purposes that they serve. However, a well constructed and designed fence can add a certain kind of appeal to any home.

    • Weed/pest control

    Weeds and pests can ruin your outdoor space. And even if you do your best at keeping them in check, your next-door neighbour might not be doing the same, and transfer can happen, for example, from lawn mowing.

    A fence can prevent that by blocking these weeds and sometimes even pests from getting in.

    • Boundaries

    A fence can help you in determining the entire extension of your property. That is, it acts as an irrefutable and unmistakable boundary between properties.

    This can reduce the case of trespassing and any possible disagreement that may arise over property.

    • Security

     Fences act as an obstacle against intruders and trespassers and can increase the safety of your home.

    A fence provides added protection by being effective in keeping pets and children in and prevent them from running off on their own.

    • Privacy

    You should be able to understand the peace and quiet of the outdoors on your own property undisturbed.

    The perfect fence can give you that much-needed privacy. And as an added bonus, you can plant trees along the fence to give extra privacy.