Garden Walls & Steps & Brickwork Glasgow

Square Circle Landscapes undertake all hard landscaping including walls, steps and brickwork in Glasgow and surrounding areas as part of a full garden makeover or on its own.  

Our team of hard landscapers are fully insured, qualified and accredited to work on your property domestic or commercial. 

Garden Walls & Steps Installation

Please get in touch for a quote for us to supply and fit garden walls and steps as we undertake all types of hard landing and brickwork. Choose from a range of styles, colours and designs and go over your thoughts and ideas with one of our landscape designers who will help you choose what is best for your garden or patio area. 

Garden Wall Repair

We regularly get calls to repair garden walls that have been left to crumble over the years. Our team can make retaining walls and garden walls structurally sound and pleasant to look at once again. We can also repoint garden walls or even repoint your house walls. 

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    Garden Wall Supply & Install

    Your garden is the focal point of every house. It’s what adds nature and whimsicality to any home. But there’s more to a garden than flowers. Although flowers are the bedrock of every garden, there are elements that make up the garden and often get overlooked during renovation or construction.

    One of such elements is the garden walls and steps. Surprisingly, these structures that add that finishing touch to any garden are not really looked at as a priority either due to cost or just a nonchalance about their importance.

    But garden walls and steps can add a different kind of flavour to your garden. Flowers can beautify your garden, but a garden wall, steps, and other infrastructures can add your own personal taste and aesthetic to the garden. Garden infrastructures add personality to any garden, so to speak.

    Garden Walls

    Garden walls can serve two purposes in any garden. There’s the functional and the aesthetic. For functional purposes, a garden wall can act in the same way any other kind of wall does. That is, it serves as a demarcation between your yard and the ones next to it.

    This clear and unmistakable boundary between properties will give you the much-needed privacy you’ll need from the prying eyes of neighbours. Just because your garden walls are outdoors doesn’t mean it should be dull and bland. Turn a simple garden into a fairy tale come to life with a stunning wall.

    Beautifying your garden space with the walls included will go a long way in adding to the ambience of your outdoor space. Plus, with so many designs and textures to choose from, picking the perfect garden wall can be almost as fun as house hunting.

    Garden Steps Installation & Repair

    In any area that there’s a level change, steps or other elevation platforms such as Ramps are often included. Garden steps aren’t only practical, and they’re also used to make bold statements in a garden.

    Sure, they are a means of you getting up or down in your garden, but they have the potential to be so much more than that. A garden step can be so well thought out and beautifully designed that it can become the focal point of your garden.

    For example, when you incorporate the natural growing plants in your garden into these infrastructures, it adds a certain kind of flair to even the most mundane stairs or steps. Of course, for infrastructure such as steps, no matter how beautiful they are, when they’re not functional and become a safer hazard, then the point of it all is lost.

    So before installation, you should consult with a team of square circle landscapes to get the job right.

    Garden Wall & Steps Ideas

    Infrastructures that grace your beautiful garden don’t have to be boring or bland. They can be so much more than functional. Incorporating structures like a wall or garden can help you add your personal flair into your outdoor space.

    What’s more? There are so many ideas to choose from. Here are a few examples:

    • Plant around your garden wall or steps

    Fully integrate these structures into your garden by planting around them. A climbing plant can frame and completely transform any wall, and adding a flower bed or encouraging various plants such as creeping plants to grow around your garden steps will make them look like something out of a fairy tale.

    • Try decorative designs

    Your garden wall or step doesn’t have to be made with just the basic materials. You can add various designs to give it that extra appeal. For example, adding tiles to your garden wall can give it that Mediterranean hotel look.

    And for your steps, you can try modern designs such as interlocking steps, etc.

    • Make these structures the focal point of your garden.

    Traditionally, the flowers and plants ought to be the focal point of your garden, but you can take your infrastructures a step further by making them the focal point of your garden design. A great place to start is by matching the colour choice of your garden walls, steps, and other infrastructures and planting around them.

    • Play with angles and profiles

    Angles and profiles add dimension and can make your garden more interesting and artistic. Your garden step, for example, can have a traditional rounded profile Made out of concrete or other stone materials. Or you can make them curvier. The same principle goes for garden walls.

    • Use lighting

    Your garden doesn’t have to be sunny and bright all the time. Give your garden a dramatic effect by playing around with lights. The fun thing about using lights is that they can be used both on the walls and on your garden steps.

    With lights, your garden can go from romantic and whimsical during the day to dark and enchanting at night.

    • Play with textures

    You can use various textures to make a statement with either your garden step or walls. For the walls, you can make it more 3-D, and for the steps, you can add patterns to the base of the steps or do something interesting with the handrails.