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Square Circle Landscapes is an experienced team of landscape designers and landscape gardener in Giffnock in the Southside of Glasgow. We provide all soft and hard landscaping services in Giffnock for a full list please see below.

Being fully insured to work on your property and carrying all necessary qualification and licences you are in safe hands. 

Garden Makeover Giffnock

Our team of landscape gardeners will transform your garden into your dream garden in the most amazing garden makeover you will ever see. We use only the highest grade materials to make sure your new garden looks pristine for years to come. Have a look at our portfolio and gallery for pictures of our past landscaping jobs.

Garden Design

We have a dedicated garden design team who will go over your ideas and functional needs, bring them all together in a cohesive solid plan which we will make into reality. Your perfect garden space which will extend your living area from your house to the outside. 

Past Landscaping Projects

Check out our latest landscaping projects, customer feedback and most importantly pictures of our work.

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    Plants for a contemporary garden

    Contemporary gardens are simple and minimalist. They use clean and crisp lines to define shapes while creating space. This means the plants you’re most likely to find in a contemporary garden are plants with structure. These plants are used to create items of interest in the garden with their aesthetically pleasing architectural styles.

    Here are a few examples of plants that will look good all season in a contemporary garden:

    • Hedge plants

    Hedge plants are a very common plant choice in most contemporary gardens. This is mostly because they can be trimmed to make clean shapes. Some hedge plants like the black bamboo tend to grow wild and fast, meaning regular maintenance is key to avoid it disrupting the beauty of your garden. Another example of a hedge plant is the Tuscan blue rosemary.

    • Japanese maple

    Japanese maple can make for a focal point in your contemporary garden. With its interesting leaf colourings and branch habits, it’s certainly going to be a conversation starter for any guest or gardening enthusiast.

    This is one of our garden design teams favourite as the colours changing throughout the seasons makes it feel new four times a year.

    • Ferns

    Ferns can be potted and most of them branch out to create lovely foliage which can stand out in a contemporary garden. Plus there are many fern plants you can choose from even some like the Japanese painted fern that has a very interesting colour.

    • Lavender

    Lavenders are lovely flowers that come in an array of colours. With their showy spikes and lovely scents during a summer evening, they make for a great bloom or floral choice in your garden.


    A contemporary garden by combining architectural elements, simplistic styles, artsy touches creates a space that will be the dream of the minimalist homeowner.

    Our Services in Giffnock

    As mentioned above we undertake all aspects of soft and hard landscaping that includes but not exclusive to: 

    • Paths, Patios & Paving (design & installation)
    • Driveway design & installation
    • Decking Timber & Composite
    • Artificial Grass & Turfing / Real Grass
    • Walls, Steps & Brickwork (including retaining walls & garden walls)
    • Fencing & Gates
    • Planting, planters & Soft Landscaping
    • Garden Drainage
    • Garden Lighting
    • Garden Design
    • Garden Makeovers


    If you need anything that is not on the above list please do get in touch and we will be able to help.

    Call: 07795161893