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Square Circle Landscapes is a team of landscape design and landscape gardeners in Paisley. We provide all soft and hard landscaping services in Paisley from driveways designed and installed to decking and artificial grass.

We are fully insured to work on your property and carry all necessary qualification and licences.   

Garden Makeover Paisley

Our team of experienced landscape gardeners will transform your garden into your dream garden in the most amazing garden makeover you will ever see (which can even include water features that Charlie Dimmock would be proud of). We use only the highest grade materials to make sure your new garden looks pristine for years to come. 

Garden Design

We have a dedicated garden design team who will go over your ideas and functional needs, bring them all together in a cohesive solid plan which we will make into reality. Your perfect garden space which will extend your living area from your house to the outside. 

Landscaping Paisley

See below for our latest landscaping projects, customer feedback and most importantly pictures of our work.

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    Landscape Gardeners Paisley

    Urban Gardens in Paisley

    How do you create an urban garden?

    You’ll think that for a garden that is located within a small space, it will be easy to start, but that’s not always the case. Starting an urban garden can be a bit of a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. You might be surprised by how easy it can be once you get the hang of it. The following tips can get you started at creating your dream urban garden:

    • Get your space ready

    The first thing to do before you can fully kickstart creating your urban garden is to find a spot where you can garden. As we’ve previously mentioned, this can be anywhere within your garden; patios, balconies, overhangs, etc. Just make sure it has access to sunlight.

    When you’ve got a spot ready, next thing is to define the space and decide how big you want your garden to be based on the dimensions of your designated spot.

    • Choose containers

    Since a garden bed isn’t available to you as an urban dweller, the next step is to choose suitable containers. By suitable containers, this means containers that will comfortably accommodate the various types of plants that will be put in it.

    • Decide on what plants you’ll like

    This is where you get to the fun part of gardening. What plants do you want to grow in your garden? You’re only limited by your imagination. If you want to grow vegetables for cooking, go for it. If on the other hand, you want to grow ornamental plants, then also go for it.

    Even though you can pretty much grow what you want, make sure you’re growing what your space can accommodate.

    • Start the planting process

    There are a couple of ways to begin the planting process. You can either start from scratch and choose seeds or you can decide to cheat a little by starting with seedlings. Seeds allow you to watch your plants grow from the base level but starting from the seedling level is easier and there’s a shorter waiting period to watch your plants bloom.

    • Care for your plants

    Whatever option you choose, your plants need proper care at this point in their lives. There are several tools in the market to help you ensure your plants are getting enough nutrients.

    Also, ensure that you’re checking on your crops daily as the early stages are often the high-risk stages.

    • Enjoy the process

    Gardening is supposed to be fun and extremely rewarding. And no, the rewards in question aren’t necessarily linked to the harvest season but rather getting to watch your hard work pay off. Be patient with your crops and enjoy every moment of caring for them.

    Our Services

    As mentioned above we undertake all aspects of soft and hard landscaping that includes but not exclusive to: 

    • Paths, Patios & Paving (design & installation)
    • Driveway design & installation
    • Decking Timber & Composite
    • Artificial Grass & Turfing / Real Grass
    • Walls, Steps & Brickwork (including retaining walls & garden walls)
    • Fencing & Gates
    • Planting, planters & Soft Landscaping
    • Garden Drainage
    • Garden Lighting
    • Garden Design
    • Garden Makeovers


    If you need anything that is not on the above list please do get in touch and we will be able to help.

    Call: 07795161893