Garden Sheds

How to Build a Shed?

Is it less expensive to construct or purchase a shed? With our garden sheds for sale, you’ll get a shed kit that’s made out of pre-cut, easy-to-assemble panels made of high-quality wood. Simply follow the instructions that came with your purchase to put it together.

To construct your garden shed, on the other hand, you’ll need to:

– Calculate the cost of your labour.

– You will have to wait for supplies to arrive in stock.

– Fight the elements (if you don’t complete your construction in one day).

– You already have all of the necessary tools (including a saw, planer, sander, etc.).

– Be confident in your ability to construct a shed without blueprints that will stand up to the elements and secure your belongings.

Instead, it is a free delivery service to the majority of Scotland for our 10-year warranty against rot, decaying insects, and deterioration.

How to Insulate a Shed?

‘How can I insulate my shed at a low cost?’ is a question that everyone has. You must address all elements of your shed’s thermal envelope if you want an insulated shed on a budget (where heat leaves a building).

– Caulk around windows and gaps with a silicone gun or expanding foam.

– At the bottom of your shed door, place a draught excluder.

– When purchasing floor cladding, use thicker cladding.

– Cover the floor of your shed with rugs or carpets.

– Use bubble wrap or foil-backed insulation to line the walls of your shed.

– Use a low-energy radiator or tube heater to heat your shed.

To ensure a tight seal and sound insulation to your garden shelters, most of our custom built structures use tongue and groove construction.

How to Felt a Shed Roof?

Some simple equipment (hammer, nails, Stanley knife, straight edge, or chalk line) and roofing felt are needed to put thought on a shed roof. Roof felt is included with all our garden sheds.

Level your roof boards and hammer in or remove any protruding nails. Measure your roof and cut along a straight line allowing for an overhang of 50mm at the eaves and along the roof’s edge, then roll out and level out your roofing felt. Use galvanized nails at 500mm intervals to fasten the top felt and 75mm intervals for the overhangs.

Cut a 150mm-wide strip of roof felt for the apex or ridge and overlap it on both sides. Attach the strip using felt sticky. Glue wood strips to your gables to finish the mission.

Best Sheds: What Type to Buy?

Garden sheds are available from us in various designs, sizes, and materials. Quality materials and structures are utilized in our garden buildings for sale, so everyone has something.

If you’d want to:

– A classic appearance and a garden shed that can be customized – Purchase a wooden shed.

– Buy a metal shed for a long-lasting, low-cost solution with plenty of protection.

A plastic shed is a low-maintenance, sturdy, and very portable garden hut.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Our wooden huts are constructed with either overlap or tongue and groove cladding to resist the harsher elements of British weather. Our wood garden buildings are all designed to withstand the elements. You can be sure that anything you decide to keep in one of our wooden garden shelters will be well-protected, secure, and dry. You can utilize natural light to cultivate plants or work on your next home improvement project with various window options. On the other hand, windowless wooden shelters can hide your valuables from curious eyes.

With this in mind, you can be confident that a solution that provides safety and security is available for your workshop shed or even a small shed filled with gardening tools.

Type of Cladding

It’s easy to locate the appropriate potting shed or woodshed for your needs, thanks to the wide variety of exterior siding options available. Our garden shed superstore offers many cladding choices, including widespread overlap and tongue and groove cladding.

Sheds with Tongue and Groove

A weather-resistant shed composed of tongue and groove panels is ideal for outdoor use. Shiplap boards, for example, are less durable than tongue and groove panelling. If you’re searching for sheds for sale near me, consider this high-quality (but economical) choice to ensure that even little garden shelters will last for years to come.

The term “tongue and groove sheds” refers to the building method. The walls and roofs of most of our shelters are constructed from interlocking panels of panelling. The overlap form of panelling you find on garden fences is less durable and trustworthy than tongue and groove panels. One flat surface brings two characters together: the tongue (tongue) and the groove.

This sort of shed cladding is much less vulnerable to water infiltration or wind damage than other types of shed cladding. Many of our tongue and groove sheds are available in either 11mm or 19mm thicknesses, much thicker than their competitors. You’ll want to start with cladding if you want an insulated garden shed. T&G cladding’s ability to regulate temperature makes it an excellent choice for large sheds, garages, and even home offices.

Overlap Garden Sheds

You can get high-quality garden shelters for sale at an incredible value with our overlap sheds. Overlap cladding is a less expensive but less effective option for cladding small and big sheds.

Compared to the contemporary tongue and groove sheds, overlap garden sheds are the elder sibling. Individual horizontal planks overlap to form the siding on overlap garden shelters. While shielding your shed from water infiltration, this lets rainfall drain away from the structure. Overlap garden shelters are durable and cost-effective, providing good weather protection.

Pressure Treated Sheds

Our pressure-treated garden shelters come in a wide range of alternatives. In this case, the wood is vacuum-sealed before the preservative solution is applied. This process results in a long-lasting product with little upkeep since the preservatives are pushed deep into the wood’s grain. Compared to a non-pressure treated shed, which you’ll have to treat yourself with wood treatment materials, a pressure-treated shed may save you money in the long term.

A more environmentally-friendly choice is to pressure-treat our high-quality European wood rather than other procedures. Using longer-lasting wood also means less demand for forestry, less deforestation, and a more favourable environment.

Metal Shed

We’ve also got you covered if you’re seeking metal sheds near me. Our metal sheds are a perfect option if you store essential gardening tools in your outdoor shed in Scotland.

Metal sheds are an excellent option for anybody searching for a low-maintenance outdoor structure. Metal sheds are stable structures that shield your belongings from the elements. The galvanized steel frames of our metal garden buildings assist in avoiding long-term problems like rust and corrosion. We have bins as little as 5′ x 3′ as large as 11′ x 14′ apex shelters in stock. If you want a sturdy, long-lasting shed that requires no maintenance, look no further than a metal building. Galvanized steel and metal garden structures also provide several other benefits, which we discuss in detail in our blog article highlighting the top 12 benefits of metal sheds.

Plastic Sheds

When it comes to outdoor storage, plastic huts provide excellent value for money. Polycarbonate is the material used in their construction, and it can endure rain, snow, UV radiation, and heat. Plastic sheds are a great alternative to wooden ones to accommodate couples, small children, or those who have just moved into their first house. Many different sizes are available, so you’ll be able to choose one that will fit all of your outdoor gear. Additionally, you may create a robust garden shed with the help of plastic shelters with foundation kits or flooring.

The Roof Design

With our assortment of shed kits, you’ll be able to choose the materials and even the design of the roof. So if you’re looking for a more conventional outdoor shed with headroom in the centre or a contemporary budget shed with a single slope, you can find it here.

Apex Sheds

Our garden sheds have three roof types: apex, pent, and reverse apex. Two slopes meet in the middle of the roof of an apex shed. Two steep hills surround the front of the shed. Outdoor garden structures often have tops like a capital “A” (think A for Apex). When the roof slopes to the front and rear of a shed, it is a reverse apex shed.

Pent Sheds

A pent roof shed may be better if you like a more contemporary appearance. A pent wooden shed seems almost level compared to an apex roof with just one slope. To guarantee that rainfall drains your shed, pent roofs are slanted away from the entrance. However, the headroom within your pent shed will be reduced at the lowest point of the slope, despite its stylish and contemporary design. There would be less vertical space than an apex roof for this reason. Taking this into consideration while choosing the most acceptable roof type for your home is a good idea.


No matter how big or tiny, all of our shelters are manufactured with high-quality materials. You may also narrow your search for a shed down to a specific size. If you’re searching for a simple 8×6 Shed or a more prominent structure from our 12×10 collection, we’ve got you covered. Find the ideal style for your yard now by browsing our wide variety of options!

Uses For A Garden Shed

Garden tools and equipment can be stored in an outdoor shed to great use. Our garden sheds also provide specialized space for a variety of additional purposes. Our sheds have been utilized as a great alternative to a home gym or extra living space. Alternatively, our garden offices and insulated summer homes are ideal if you want office space. With so many garden sheds for sale, you may discover the perfect storage solution or even construct your own garden office or shed workshop.

The adaptability of a garden shed is one of its most significant advantages. Whether it’s a little storage container, an exercise room, or a state-of-the-art home theatre, your shed may be used for nearly anything. Why not start your village pub, complete with bar chairs, a mini-fridge, and a garden bar? The traditional garden shed may be used in a variety of ways. A tiny outdoor area may be transformed from a construction yard to a cosy garden hideaway by adding a few decorations and furnishings.

Visit our site for additional ideas on what to do with your new (or old) garden shed, and start making your neighbours envious. You can find yourself spending more time in your shed than in your own home!

Units of Storage

Another benefit of our garden structures and storage sheds is their capacity to hold many goods. They’re like the Doctor Who’s Tardis! So, if you have too many things in your home and don’t want to get rid of them permanently, a storage shed is the ideal solution. At Square Circle Landscapes, you’ll discover wooden, metal, and plastic storage buildings in various designs.

Whatever you put in your shed, you can be confident that it will be safe and secure for a long time in our custom built shed. We also provide a selection of customized storage sheds with and without windows.

You have complete control over the lighting and security of your shed. If you don’t plan on being in your garden shed for a lengthy amount of time, windowless sheds may provide you with the peace of mind that your valuables are secure. This is great for keeping pricey garden tools and equipment such as motorcycles, lawnmowers, and drills in a garden shed. Take our word for it, but don’t take our word for it! 


Our garden buildings come with a 10-year warranty against rot, decay, and insect infestation. Our shed kits are made of high-quality wood and are resistant to water infiltration and even severe UK weather conditions. 

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